How to tell if a guy likes you

Are you confused if he likes you or not? Are you desperately trying to figure out if he likes you back? Some guys are so shy to say it when they like a girl, and some confident and attractive guys will never reveal their feelings to you because they are not sure if you feel the same way about them.
In order not to have a wrong impression about his actions, try out these tips to be sure if he really likes.
Watch his actions and body language, is he always nervous and acts awkwardly whenever you’re around him? This is a sign to show he likes you or has something to say.
You can tell if a guy likes you when he makes out time to be with you. Does he like hanging around you? Or enjoys your company? If yes, then be quiet sure he likes you.
If you catch him several times sneaking a glance at you, and each time you try to look at him he turns back pretending he’s not looking at you, they he likes you, maybe he’s just too shy to say it.
If a guy start treating you different from others, when he tries to impress you, tries to make you laugh or happy, it’s a sign that he likes you.
If a guy becomes nicer to you all of a sudden, he might start spending money on you, buy you gifts, call and texts you several times daily, it’s a clue he likes you.
He suddenly develops interest in your interest, compliments everything you do and all about you things like; your outfit, hair, jewelry e.t.c.
A guy might like you if he starts calling you pet names jokingly, fights you playfully, find excuse to touch you, your wrist watch, jewelry, hair e.t.c.
He might ask you to spend time with him, tell his friends about you.
Another good way to know if he likes you is to watch his reaction when you flirt with guys around him, does he act indifferent, then be sure he likes you.
If you’re the bold type, walk up to him and tell him you know he likes you, it might give him the opportunity of expressing himself, but be sure to have studied his body language before doing this, so he’ll not turn you down.