Killer ways to attract a woman who is an entrepreneur.

Many at times guys try to find out how to attract beautiful and self employed woman. Some guys get turned down by attractive women who are supposed to be running after them.
The truth is that it takes more than just money to attract self employed women. Women have an ability to look beyond the physical and see qualities that lies beneath the surface.
Have you wondered why guys who are not so pleasing to look at, date attractive and rich women?
The first thing to do when you want to attract your dream woman, a woman who intimidates you with her looks is to work on yourself. Every man’s inhibitions and fear are from his own mind. Tell yourself you can get whatever you want and don’t stop telling yourself that. Learn to protect your ego from rejection. Accept and try to better yourself.
You’ll need to get over what other people think and get into making things happen regardless of who’s watching or listening. This alone is a trait that create attraction.                                                                                                                     
Women who are entrepreneurs get attracted to men who exude passion, ambition, personality and confidence. Appear to be more attractive than you are, work on your look, dress maturely, smartly, and not haphazardly for any date. Lest I forget, work on your diction too. Talk with boldness and confidence.
Get something doing, self employed women hate idle guys, it will look like you’re after her money. Don’t make it seem you depend on her. Be ambitious, make her understand you’re not contented with what you’re doing and you wish to reach the top at all cost (excluding cheating).
Don’t spend day and night with her or go calling her every hour of day so she won’t have a wrong impression about you. I wish you goodluck.

How to make him want you more.

Do you want him to be addicted to you? Or do you want to take your relationship to another level? Is your love life boring? Are you looking for happiness and completeness in your relationship, work on these tips and see your boring love life change into your dream love life.
Work more on your appearance, guys are moved by what they see, He’ll desire you more when you look sexy, proudly take you out, introduce you to his friends and it plays a big part in his ego.
Accept and respect yourself, be confident of who you are, walk with your head up high and have an ego of yourself and your boyfriend will have no choice but to respect and want you more.

Don’t pity yourself, he’s not better than you, you’re both fortunate to fall in love with each other. Maintain your self poise.
Pursue your goals, dreams and ambitions, don’t stay idle. Your boyfriend is only a part of your life not all of it, so don’t make it look like your life depends on him, don’t be a push over. Have your own life, spend time with your friends, make your own plans.  Guys respect ladies more when they aren’t available at their beck and call. Pretend to be busy at times, it’ll make him miss you more and not take you for granted.
Want your boyfriend to worship or adore you? Be aware of happenings around you, read books, listen to music, be current and sensitive. Every guy likes an intelligent lady.
Play hard to get  when he takes it easy, he’ll crave for attention, but be careful not to overstretch him.
Do funny things with him in public, like: peck, kiss, hug, hold hands, appreciate in the public, he’ll surely be proud to have you.
Avoid his calls and ignore his texts, when he disrespects you,  he’ll be careful of doing such any other time.

How to make her want you more.

A  man needs to show strength when pursuing goals, strive hard to have a bright future. Tell her of your dreams, it’ll increase her confidence in you. Some girls are not concerned about physical features, but every girl wants a successful guy.
Spend quantity and quality time with her, take her out often, shop together, buy her stuffs and tell her you love her with gifts. Play games together and you’ll see her sticking more to you.
Don’t let the next day come without resolving your conflict and differences. It’s better to lose some measure of pride than to lose precious girlfriend.
Pay close attention to every thing she says, ladies want their boyfriends to understand and give them attention, then, use what she says  or her name in conversation. Ask her opinion about things no matter how small, it makes her she’s the most important part of your life.
Be charming, be as attractive as possible, hit the gym at least twice every week, wear nice outfit and smell good.
Be in control, because all ladies wants their boyfriends to protect and defend them, make her feel as long as she’s with you she’s safe.
Stare at her, look into her eyes.Talk  to her through body language.
Don’t flirt too much with other girls, so she won’t lose the confidence and trust she’s got in you.
Display intelligence and confidence, don’t ever depend on her financially.
Say beautiful things to her as girls as moved by what they hear. Tell her that you want her, you feel like kissing her, you can’t do without her, you’re proud of her, she’ll soon be the mother of your kids. Tell her that she’s so beautiful, she reminds you of your mum, you love her eyes, neck, legs, everything about her.
Practice these tips carefully and I bet you , your lover will crave for more of you.

16 things not to do in a relationship.

Since it is certain that a first impression lasts longer and is virtually irreversible, try and make yours a good one
Here are some tips on things not to do on a first date.
1.      Don’t go into a date with a negative mindset, think positively, and believe it will work out. But at the same time, have an out in the back of your mind in case it doesn’t.
2.      Don’t dress half hazard or untidy: your appearance on your first date goes a long way in saying a bunch about you. Dress neatly and appear confident.

3.      Don’t be late: try as much as possible to early enough. If for any reason you are going to be late, call him/her ahead of time.
4.      Don’t take him/her to a place you’ve never been previously. Pick a place you’ve visited before or a place you are very familiar with, so you don’t get distracted and lose concentration on your date
5.      Don’t forget to compliment your date. Everyone appreciates compliments. Tell her words like “You’re looking so pretty, I love your smile” tell him words like “You look great, You smell nice”
6.      Don’t take your date to a movie on your first date, where you can’t talk, rather, go to a place like coffee shop , eatery, fast food joints where you’ll get to know each other better over a few drinks or bites of food.
7.      Don’t talk about your past relationships: It kills the beginning of your relationship, thus, making you build your relationship on the past instead of present. Leave it for your date number three or four.
8.Don’t invest much resources on your first date: As much as you want to make it a memorable, remember that it might work out and might not. So be subtle in investing or in spending on your first date.
9.      Don’t talk about yourself the entire time: Ask your date questions about him/her and share your thoughts, likes, dislikes, hobbies and stories when necessary. Don’t do all the talking, make it a dialogue. Talk less and listen more.
10.  Don’t go overboard with jokes:  You can be humorous by lightening up his/her mood and making him/her smile but don’t crack too much jokes so you don’t look stupid
11.  Don’t look away during the conversation: Keeping eye contact is a sign that you’re interested in him/her and what they have to say. It also shows that you are matured.
12.  Don’t leave your cell phone on or on vibration: Because answering it shows a sign of rudeness. Unless it’s very important.
13.  Don’t be too timid: Be as bold as possible. In place of weakness, show strength.
14.  Don’t get too touchy feely on your first date: Holding hands or a slight kiss is perfect. Anything more than that may be a bit overbearing.
15.  Don’t invite him/her back to your place on your first date: Even if it went really good, save your invitation for your date number three or four.
16.  Don’t ask for his/her number if you’re not going to call. It’s rude and can leave your date with hurt feeling. Try and keep to your words.

10 ways to treat your date/love

Are you confused on how to make your lover really know how much you love and care about him/her? Or you want to take your relationship to the next level; here are some tips on how to go about it.
Appreciate your lover: Make everything he/she does appeal to you, appreciate his/her qualities. Say sweet soft words like: when am I seeing you again? Can you please call me now? I want to hear you, I love the way you walk, I like your cologne, I like your hair do e.t.c. It makes him/her feel loved.

Say I’m sorry when you are wrong: The word “I’m sorry” is said to be the fastest medicine for healing the heart. You can’t always be right, be humble enough to say you’re sorry when you’re wrong and don’t just say from your lips, say it from the depth of your heart for greater result. It shows you respect your love/date.
Show him/her you love are in love, with a gift: Real love expresses itself in giving. Actions they say speaks louder than voice. Go practical, find out what he or she will appreciate most.
Keep to your promises: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Try as much as possible to keep and stand by your words. Be constituent. People with integrity don’t joke with promises.
Don’t always be on the receiving side: Reciprocate giving, no matter how small it is, your love will appreciate it, but when you don’t, it makes her think you’re selfish. Exchange gifts.
Hold hands in the public: It shows you’re proud of him/her. You could possibly kiss in the public to prove your point, like you’re crazy about your love.
Release yourself from expectation: Don’t always be expectant. Don’t assume your lover should know everything on your mind or everything you know. Overlook things.
Take time to listen to your lover: This has to do with patience, don’t be too much in a hurry not to listen to your lover. Be sensitive enough to know when he or she has something to say and listen.
Continue the things you do when you first met: Some lovers tend to stop things they do when they started dating newly. Take your love out for dinner or lunch, take a walk, chat and play together, play games together. Make your relationship lively.
Help him/her out with work: Show that you care by helping in office work, domestic work, house chores etc. it shows you’re matured enough to take care of your lover.