Special Groups Online Dating Tips

Caution! Do be aware that online dating is not a totally safe environment. Be very careful in investing your money, time and heart in it.

o Use only a free email account. By using your email accounts with sites such as Yahoo, Gmail, Bigfoot and Hotmail, you make easy correspondence while keeping your local email secure. Do consider hard to guess passwords which are different from your log in name.

o Avoid creating a profile name that gives a clue as to where you’re from and who you are. Choose a simple nickname but far from your true identity, to avoid getting your personal information accessed by unwanted individuals.

Also, avoid revealing too much personal data when filling up your profile, as they usually appear automatically.

When in an online conversation:

o Ensure secrecy. Keep in mind to never expose and provide anyone with your personal information such as full name, address, phone number and email address. Anybody who asks you these early in the conversation, take it as a warning. You are in control here, and you can stop communicating when you feel uncomfortable.

A lot of sites offer a messaging system which can be used for communicating with singles. Using this system is safer than using your email.

o Remain anonymous. Don’t give personal information readily. During communications, ask questions. Ask him or her about his hobbies, education, career and interests. Take note of all of these, as the person you are talking to needs to be consistent. If they are not consistent then chances are they are not being truthful with you and not worth your time.

o Be honest. Likewise in your end, be honest enough, but at the same time not giving too much information as far as your work and home address is concerned. Just be truthful with your conversations. Convey your intentions as clearly as possible. And if you don’t like him, tell him politely. Don’t find excuses and give him the impression that you are interested in meeting with him.

o Be safe. If after many emails both of you feel that it is time to be talking on the phone, the man should be the one to give the girl his number and the girl should be the one to call the man. The girl should never give her phone number.

o Be protected. When you are definitely sure that you would want to meet the person offline, ask him for references, such as his friends, relatives or co- workers. This is not to give them the feeling that you don’t trust them, but if they too trust you, they would understand that you are very much willing to meet with him, but you just want to be on the safe side. If he has a genuine and sincere interest in you and has nothing to be afraid of, then he shouldn’t repel, but willingly give you all the information.

You could also do a background check. There are sites which offer this for free.

The meeting:

o Inform somebody of the meeting. When the plan for a meeting is already set up, make certain you tell your friend or a member of the family where exactly are you going and who you’re meeting.

o Bring your cell phone along, so in cases of emergency, you can call your friend right away.

o Use common sense and judge accordingly.

o Meet him or her in a public place such as a café, park, museum, or anywhere as long as there are a lot of people.

Dos and Don’ts on your first date:

o Do pray before a date (for Christians)

o Do be on time.

o Do look good and be neat.

o Do compliment.

o Do make your date comfortable.

o Do listen.

o Do talk about something you have a common interest with (for Christians, talk about the verses in the bible and ask each other’s opinions).

o Do take her to your church (for Christians).

o Do be an exciting date. Listen to your date and make sure to let your date feel that you are interested with all that he/she has to say.

o Do ask your date about her hobbies, career and future plans.

o Do be romantic.

o Do enjoy your moment together.

o Do laugh at her jokes.

o Do be yourself.

o Do avoid touching.


o Don’t be late.

o Don’t talk about your past relationship.

o Don’t pretend.

o Don’t ask too much questions.

o Don’t show disrespect to your date’s beliefs.

o Don’t forget to say thank you after the date.

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How to Overcome Online Dating Problems

It is exciting to meet someone you met at an online dating service. However, you must practice cautionary measures so as to avoid having problems when you meet him or her.

The following are some guidelines to have a hitch- and worry-free dating.

1. When meeting, do make up arrangements first. Since you barely know the person, do not let him or her meet you from your home.

2. Meet in public places. If it is okay with your date, you could ask another pair or some friends to go with you. If he or she is genuine in his or her interests, this shouldn’t be a problem.

3. If you are having a lunch or dinner in a café or restaurant, you should shoulder half of the bill. By paying half of the bill, you are free from obligations that you have to meet the person again.

4. If you have your own mode of transportation, like a car, you should use it. Do not rely on a date’s car so that you won’t feel that you have to ride with him or her if the date turns awry.

5. Try to avoid alcoholic drinks while having the date.

6. If you are planning to meet your date the second time around, arrange for one and evaluate if he or she deserves to know your personal home address. Never give your address when meeting the person the first time.

7. Do not go to secluded and dimly-lit areas at night. Try staying in crowded places as possible.

8. Try listening to your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, then it would be better that you assess it. If something is really troubling you or is not right, maybe it would be best that you thank your date and leave as soon as possible.

9. Tell a friend your date’s contact details and plans for the date. It might be wise for him or her to check you from time to time. You could also ask some friends to meet you and check up after your date with the person.

11. Remember: Do not ever give your personal contact information to a person you barely know. He or she should understand if you are not giving him or her your personal contact information, at least on your first date.

12. Be alert at all times.

Like traditional dating, online dating has some risks, including safety concerns. To avoid having problems in your online dating, just remember the tips above.

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Profile 101: Why Should Somebody Go for All the Fuss Just to Create a Profile?

Online dating is so prevalent nowadays. Every year, more and more people are being hooked up to their Internet just to get online dating services. In fact, almost 40 million people in the United States were reported to have supposedly used online dating services just for the year 2003.

Membership growth is continually increasing at an unprecedented rate.

However, there are still people who complain about not getting the desired result they had been looking for in online dating services.

The reason? It’s in the profiles. Many people just don’t realize this, but it’s their profiles that really matters.

Why? Here’s a list of the reasons why profiles are important in being successful online dating users.

1. First impressions last

Even if it sounds like a cliché it is true that first impressions really matter a lot and create a lasting impression on the other person. Therefore, it’s best for people to project good first impressions by creating profiles that are worth reading.

2. It’s the only solid information one can get hold of.

Information stated in somebody’s profiles is the only solid data the other person can get hold of in the meantime. So, it’s best for a person to give them what they deserve to know.

3. Photographs can speak a thousand words but are not enough.

Contrary to most popular beliefs, pictures alone cannot reveal a portion of an individual’s personality. It may denote some meaning to a certain degree but lack solid information, in which most people are trying to find.

Other people are dying to know more about other people, so, it would be better to give them what they have searched for.

4. Great profiles improve the chances of meeting somebody who is really interested with the concerned person.

It’s simple. The logic goes like this: If a person likes someone based on the profiles given, chances are, they will be compatible because the searcher was able to relate to somebody who might be in the same level of interest as he or she is.

Hence, it all depends on the profile of a person if someone wants to find somebody based on compatibility.

So, for people to get positive results in online dating, it’s best to maintain a profile that sounds and looks as good as the person who owns it. If this is the case, then, online dating can give a person some things more than the gratifications he or she longs to have.

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Traditional Dating Versus Online Dating

When you are single and you wish to place yourself on the dating market, you should first consider what kind of dating you prefer. With today’s technology, there are two kinds of dating available – traditional and online.

What does online and traditional dating has to offer?

1) Traditional means. If you are a kind of person that is lucky in finding prospective dates on a regular basis using traditional dating methods, you may not need online dating. However, if you have a hard time finding a date in real time, you will benefit from online dating services.

2) The importance of time. For most single people, time is a valuable thing. When a busy and stressful daily life captures you, you will not have time to go out to party and meet new people. Online dating saves your time because it acts as a filter before you even meet someone.

3) Common location. In traditional dating, location will never be a problem because most of the time, you are acquainted at parties, social events, and other happenings just around the city. Although online dating offers you the opportunity to meet new people in all parts of the world, it would be a problem when you are located three continents farther from your date.

4) The dreaded blind date. Have you ever experienced being set up by your friends with no clue on whom your date would be? Well, if you hate this scenario of traditional dating, you would enjoy online dating. Through the internet, you have the opportunity to get to know someone before you meet face to face. By becoming acquainted with your date beforehand, you could easily see the probability of a smooth conversation when you meet in real time.

5) The dream partner. When you meet a person in a bar, party or social gatherings, the first thing that attracts you to someone includes the physical attributes. You may not know where the person was born, goals in life or personality. In dating online, you have the choice to search for possible dates that have the same interest, religion, location, personality, and situation as yourself. There is a larger possibility that you would find the person who would complement you the most.

6) Cost effective. Unlike meeting your date for dinner or coffee, online dating is more cost effective than traditional dating.

Whatever kind of dating you decide is suitable for you, always be cautious in giving out personal information to a person you just met. Be sure that your date is genuinely safe. He could either be the person of your dreams or your worst nightmare.

Lawrence Andrews is an ePublisher, software developer, consultant, and author of numerous books. Visit his Private Label Content and Software site at [http://www.lmamedia.com] for more information about Dating Do’s and Dont’s.

The World of Online Dating Services

Have you ever imagined that date of your life where you don’t have to wear fancy clothes, splash yourself with perfume or cologne, primp yourself with makeup, and most of all fidget because your date may not like you? If you are looking for that kind of date, well, online dating may just be the solution to that. All you need is you computer, an Internet connection, a few clicks of your mouse and keyboard, and you will be on this world of online dating.

Nowadays, many rely on online dating as a means of finding their would-be girlfriend or boyfriend that could eventually lead to finding their partner in life.

Many years back, online dating is not that popular since only a few has access of the Internet and many has the wrong connotation of online dating as the place or means where people can go when they can’t get laid or when they want to do freaky and nasty stuff.

It is true that a lot of people used to raise their eyebrows when they learned that two people met through online dating, fell in love, have a relationship after meeting, and eventually get married. But now, the world of online dating has changed a lot.

It has now become a world where fantasy mixes with reality; a world where love, romance, and friendship can be transported right into your home. Online dating is the cultural norm, and has even become practical choice over the traditional dating scene.

Finding a partner is not easy and through online dating, you can have options to find the right match for you. Many have found that online dating might just be the perfect way to meet that special someone. You can now meet and fall in love with someone before even looking into their eyes or giving them a kiss or a hug. By just one search, you can now have dozens or even hundreds of options from singles’ profiles that flash across your screen. Upon picking your choice, you can now start to have a conversation or just through exchange of emails to get to know the person.

Through online dating, people routinely develop online friendships with men and women who live halfway across the world. And some of these friendships even lead to committed and monogamous relationships where one or both of the individuals relocate to another city, state, or country.

Online dating has many advantages over the traditional dating method. It is like a bridge that connects two people together. It is the mainstream.

Dating tends to be difficult for just about everyone. And often the hardest part is to meet someone who has same interest with you, catch your attention, you feel comfortable talking with, and most of all you have that chemistry that you don’t share with anybody else.

With online dating, you can have lots of options. The choices are in front of you and all you need is a little self-confidence to be yourself so as to get to know the person better if you are compatible with him/her or not.

For those who dislike the club scene, online dating is a more recommended avenue to find that match for you. It is a more private place where you can chat and talk about anything rather than to be talking with your loud voice just to hear each other. In online dating, introduction is easy. You don’t have to gather the courage to walk up and introduce yourself to someone. By simply saying hi through instant messenger or just a short note on email, you can make a contact. If the person is interested, he or she can respond. If he is not interested, he can either send a polite “sorry, not interested” or just choose not to respond at all.

You can see that in online dating, the risk, and the pain are minimal compared when you are rejected personally.

The world of online dating has indeed evolved and making its way through connecting millions of people worldwide who are in search of love, romance, and friendship. Online dating can be safe, fun, and easy. Just be yourself and be confident. Anyway, you only have your inhibitions to lose.

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